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Braith is not your average speaker – he’s a captivating force who breathes fresh life into podcast discussions. With a laser focus on key subjects such as target market, referrals, and small business marketing, Braith dives deep into the topics that truly resonate with audiences seeking to uncover their inner selves and unleash their full potential, both in their personal lives and their businesses.

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Some years ago, BRAITH's personal journey took an unexpected turn when faced with a health crisis that nearly brought his business to its knees. However, he discovered breathwork and laughter yoga, embarking on a powerful path of self-discovery and resilience.

This profound experience fueled his passion to help others and led him to write the book “Breathe Easy – Simple Ways to Be Well Connected,” a practical guide for business professionals seeking balance and well-being.

As the Executive Director of BNI Melbourne Central, Braith has guided countless business owners to success, cracking the code of what it truly takes to thrive in the entrepreneurial world. With a seamless application of this knowledge to his own ventures, he walks the talk and inspires others with his proven strategies.

Braith’s expertise extends beyond speaking engagements. He imparts his wisdom through online courses in referrals and marketing and shares much of his knowledge freely to the public.

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