As the owner of BNI Melbourne, I've had the incredible opportunity to observe human behavior in action and identify key patterns of success amongst members.

Through this experience, I've become deeply passionate about understanding people and what drives them to succeed in their businesses.

My interest in people started at a young age, when I was relentlessly bullied in school. This experience sparked a curiosity in me about human behavior and the dynamics of group interactions. At university, I studied Organizational Psychology and later Marketing. This help pave the way to pursue a career in sales and marketing, all the while leveraging strong networks I built along the way.

One pivotal moment in my career was when my boss advised me to learn how to network. Though ‘networking’ wasn't as widely recognized in the late 1980’s, as it is today, that mentorship proved invaluable to my success when I moved to New Zealand to open their office with nothing more than a bag of samples and a copy of the Yellow Pages. I went on to turn that business into a million dollar plus entity and quickly learned that the key to building a successful business was to prioritize helping others first.

Upon moving to Melbourne, I found myself with few connections once again. But I knew that networking was the key to building a successful business and creating a happy life, so I started a monthly networking group that quickly grew to over 300 attendees within just four months, despite the absence of social media and email at the time!

Eventually, I became the Executive Director of BNI Melbourne Central - the world's most successful professional networking and referral group. Some would say that was a ‘no brainer’, it was definitely a logical path for me and I have loved being part of the BNI community.

Through all of my experiences, I've gained invaluable (and practical) marketing, referral and networking knowledge and skills that I want to share with you to help you achieve success more quickly and easily. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, I'm here to help.

I want to see you achieve your wildest dreams and support you on your journey.

Let's connect and see what I can do for you.

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